March Montage!

I know April is practically halfway over, but I’m just getting around to posting this on here.  At the start of the year I was challenged by a video I saw posted on reddit where somebody filmed 1 second from every day in 2014.  I wanted to try it for myself.  I filmed 4 seconds fro every day in February and the video was so cool (at least to me) that I wanted to to do it again.  So here is 4 seconds from every day in March 2015!

– Jacob

February Montage!

I was inspired by a video somebody posted on Reddit at the start of the new year.  They created a video with 1 second from every single day in 2014.

I wasn’t quite as ambitious, maybe I’ll work my way there, but I did create a video where I filmed 4 seconds from every day in February 2015.  You can view that below.  And the link for the video that inspired me can be found in the description.

– Jacob

Snow Days & Tiny Houses

The tiny house movement is among us!  I heard about it maybe a week or two ago and then watched a documentary about it on Netflix.  I do think that people own too much stuff and I could probably throw out 1/4 of my possessions and be totally fine, but I don’t think I could live in a house that is only 120 square feet.

– Jacob

I Started A YouTube Channel!

Drumroll please…….


It’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while and over the past month I’ve been thinking of different ideas and working with a friend to create some graphics for the channel and videos.

The channel is called “Let’s Shake On It” and I’ll make two videos a week.  On Mondays I will be posting vlogs about life.  On Thursdays it will be a cooking show of sorts where I will create different themed milkshakes to celebrate an event in history that happened on that day.  I’m very excited about it!

If you are interested in it and getting updates I would encourage you to like and subscribe to the channel on YouTube as well as checking out the twitter account @shakeoftheweek for video updates.

– Jacob