A Great Book Became A Horrible Book

When I was in 7th grade I read a book called “The Other Side of Dark” by Joan Lowry Nixon.  It was a mystery/thriller book and the main character was close in age to me at the time so maybe that helped in my liking it, but I absolutely loved it!  So much so that I went to the library for the remained of the year and only checked out books by her.  They were all so amazing, but “The Other Side of Dark” was by far my favorite.

About a month ago I remembered that book and how much I loved it so I bought it on Amazon for a few books and read through it on a road trip to Oregon.  It was horrible.  The writing was bad, it seemed to jump around and the plot seemed so forced and quick.  I was so let down to re-read it and couldn’t understand why I loved it so much.

This is one of the few books I’ve re-read, but I’m pretty sure other things I’ve read would hold up and were actually good books.  Maybe I romanticized this book so much in my mind because it is the book that really got me “excited” about reading and I didn’t really care at that time in my life about good plot or writing.

Is there a book you’ve re-read in your life and it turned out to be worse than you remembered?

– Jacob