YouTube Comedy Week Fail

When I went and saw Iron Man 3 a while back this commercial played before the previews:

Needless to say, I was very excited!  It’s no secret that I LOVE YouTube.  I love the random viral uploads and I even subscribe to a select number of channels and “professional YouTubers”, a few of whom were in this promo (Epic Meal Time, Daily Grace The Gregory Brothers).

Each night was going to have a live show and feature comedy videos from YouTubers.  But from the very first night of YouTube’s Comedy Week I was severely disappointed.  The opening live show was painfully unfunny and the YouTubers were doing nothing more than introducing unknown comedians.  This was supposed to be YouTube comedy week.  If I wanted to watch unfunny comedians I’d never heard of and never hear of again I’d watch Comedy Central at 2:00 AM.  I also watched the live Improv Night with UCB Comedy on Tuesday night and once again was so disappointed I didn’t even watch more than 15 minutes.  It wasn’t funny at all and featured no YouTubers.

Why have a YouTube Comedy Week if you aren’t going to be doing anything special with the people who have a huge following and make a living off of making YouTube videos?  I was hoping for more content and collaboration videos from my favorite YouTubers, but instead they just released videos as normal with a special insignia on the thumbnail to let you know it was released during comedy week.  So, with that being said, here are a couple of videos from this week that were funny and featured YouTubers collaborations but that would have probably been released anyways without Comedy Week.

YouTube Challenge Challenge by Rhett and Link

I don’t normally watch their channel but I love challenge videos and this one featured some YouTubers that I watch regularly (Eliot Morgan, Joe Bereta and Miranda Sings)

DJ Play My Song (NO, LEAVE ME ALONE) by Schmoyoho

This was an original song by Schmoyoho that was a play at modern pop music and club anthem songs.  It featured many other YouTubers in cameo roles such as Destorm Powers, Kassem G and even PSY!

So I ask, what even was the point of YouTube Comedy Week?  I really have no idea.  I get that YouTube wanted to do something different to commemorate its 8th birthday but I don’t think this week really did anything special.  Better luck next time.