My Recent Recommendations

I’ve eaten, listened and watched to a lot of great things this week!  I’m not saying you should like these things just because I do, but if you don’t like these things… what is wrong with you?!


You may remember this Coca-Cola brand soft drink back from 1997-2001.  It was Coke’s rival to Mountain Dew but went out of production after poor sales.  Well they recently brought it back to be sold exclusively on Amazon thanks to an online campaign to bring it back.  I bought some last week and it arrived this morning.  I had some with my lunch and it instantly took me back to 1997.  Be wary of buying it online.  It keeps going out of stock quickly and then people are trying to sell it for like $100.  When it is in stock it should only cost you around $12.

The Fox, The Hunter and Hello Saferide by Hello Saferide

I found this album on Spotify and have been listening to it pretty much nonstop for the last few days.  I am in love with her voice and with her style of music.  Her voice kind of sounds like some songs in the movie “Juno” but after doing some research that doesn’t seem to be the case.  I only say that so maybe you can kind of get an idea of what she sounds like.  Just go listen to this album, it’s amazing!

The Bridge

This is a documentary I watched for my work.  It is about the Golden Gate Bridge in California and how it is the most popular site in the world (although a quick internet search says its #2) for people to commit suicide.  Very interesting.

Disclaimer: This documentary shows real footage of real people really committing suicide.  Do not watch if that will make you uncomfortable.

The Rockafire Explosion

This is a documentary I watched for “fun”.  I heard about it from my favorite daily YouTube video, SourcefedNerd’s TableTalk.  It is a documentary about the company before Chuck E. Cheese that basically created the animatronic characters and when they merged with Chuck E. Cheese these characters were “lost”.  It features die-hard fans who are very upset with Chuck E. Cheese and with it never happened.  These people are WEIRD.  SO WEIRD.  Like, one guy is recreating the animatronic band in his garage so he can have it back in his life.

NBC’s Parenthood

This is one of my favorite shows on TV right now and it comes back for its final season tonight on NBC.  I would recommend watching the entire series if you haven’t.  Great show.

What about you?  What are things that you’ve recently eaten, listening to or watched that you think others should know about?

– Jacob

Memories of an Old House

One of my favorite shows on TV is NBC’s Parenthood.  My wife got me into it and I love it.  One of this season’s main story lines deals with the grandparents of the show debating on selling their house and how some of the kids deal with it.  The grandma wants to sell it and move and the grandpa and one of the sons have struggles with the idea of that.  To me, it seemed dumb to be attached to a house.  I also know someone in real life who has this mindset and it just seemed to make no sense to me.  I moved when I was in 6th grade and I can honestly say that I was not sad about it at all but that was probably because I would be getting my own room instead of sharing with my brother so I didn’t care.

Today my grandma is moving out of her house that she has lived in for the past 42 years and I can honestly say that I am a little sad that I will never get to go to that house again.  I have many memories in that house, many more than I ever thought I did until her moving made me think about them all.  Some of those memories include:

– Thanksgiving.  This might be the biggest.  I’ve had Thanksgiving dinner at that house 23 out of 24 Thanksgivings.  When I think of Thanksgiving I immediately think of that house.

– Going over every Saturday night without fail as a kid so my parents could have a date night.  I remember playing games with my grandparents and watching Nickelodeon’s All That every week.

– She would give us candy when we’d visit (which I’m sure she will still do), but she had a specific “candy drawer” that you got to go through every time you left her house.

– My brother and I used to try to sneak around into the kitchen when we were younger to sneak food.  We thought we were so sneaky but my grandpa would always catch us.

– Throwing a tennis ball on her roof and catching it as it rolled down.

I have known for a while that she was moving but last night my sister tweeted that it was her last time sitting in my grandma’s house and the reality of it all kind of hit me.  Thankfully, my grandma is just moving.  Next time I go down there to visit I will still be able to see her and talk with her.  I’m not losing her, just her house.  Not everybody can say that so for that I am thankful.  But it is a bit sad that I will never be able to go to that house again.  I can now understand NBC’s Parenthood a bit more.