New Music (some of which is free)!

A lot of new music has come out lately that I am loving listening to.  Some of it has only been out for literally a few days but it is just so amazing I have already listened to it so many times due to being on repeat.  Also, a lot of this music was created by friends or friends of my wife so that just makes it even more special.  If you like what you hear you should download them and share it with your friends.

Seven by Jeremiah Williams (free)


This album is free so why wouldn’t you get it?!  I went to college with Jeremiah and he is a great guy and very musically talented.  He wrote this music in partnership with a devotional on the season of lent and each song gives focus on the seven different statements of Jesus while he was on the cross.  Great music!

Lent to Maunday Thursday by Page CXVI


Page CXVI has been a favorite band of mine ever since I met my wife.  She grew up knowing some of the members and when she introduced me to them I immediately fell in love.  Page CXVI is a band whose purpose is making hymns “accessible and known again”.  Their versions of hymns have quickly become some of my favorites.  This album, like the one listed above, includes songs focusing on the Lent season.  You can download it from their website or on iTunes.

The Blessed Unrest by Sara Bareilles



Now I don’t know Sara Bareilles and I don’t know anyone who knows her.  But, according to the six degrees of separation theory I can only be six people away from her, right?  Anyways, this album was nominated for Album of the Year at the Grammys.  If you don’t already know, it lost, but it is a great album.  I have been listening to it a ton since I got it.  Sara was recently on Jimmy Fallon and she sang her song “I Choose You” with the help of The Roots and it just once again reminded me that this is an amazing album.  Get it on iTunes.


Christmas Time Is Here

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been with my family in south Texas for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I thought about posting some things about being thankful and blessed or the horrors of Black Friday but instead decided to just fully invest in my time there.

Now that I’m back and it’s December it is time to focus on Christmas and all the joy that it brings.  I absolutely love Christmas time!  The decorations, trees, lights, cookies, music, movies and of course the real reason for the season (Jesus) so I’m sure I’ll be posting about a lot of stuff this month.

First up I have an album streaming below that you should check out.  It’s called Advent to Christmas by the band Page CXVI.  They are a band based out of Colorado who mainly cover hymns and I’ve been anticipating their Christmas album for quite some time now!  Give it a listen here and if you like it go buy it on iTunes or from their website.


FREE music!

Not much in life is free anymore.  Who am I kidding, I say that like there I can remember a time when I could tons of things for free.  Was there ever such a time?  Anyways, a band that I really enjoy called Page CXVI has been offering their entire discography for FREE online during the month of March in honor of their 7th year as a band.  They do great covers of hymns and I would encourage you to take advantage of this while the offer lasts!