Bros in Booths Getting Burritos

You may have heard of Jerry Seinfeld’s online show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  This is my poor rip-off version, Bros in Booths Getting Burritos. My friend Randall and I talk New Years runners, celebrity impressions and help celebrate a birthday!

Enjoy it.  Or don’t.

– Jacob

Seinfeld Reunion?!


It’s no secret that Seinfeld is my all time favorite TV show.  I own all the seasons on DVD and have seen every episode at least multiple times.  No, I wasn’t old enough to watch the show when it was actually running on television but I still love it.  The writing and the situational humor still holds up today.

People, including myself, have always been looking for a Seinfeld reunion.  There have been a few cast reunions here and there like the Seinfeld cast showing up on some episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm or Michael Richards (Kramer) appearing on one of Jerry Seinfeld’s web series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee we’ve never had a full blown Seinfeld reunion.  Until now!

Jerry announced today that he has indeed filmed a few things with Seinfeld cast members and that the secret project will be available shortly.  My original thought was that it would be some sort of Super Bowl commercial, but the article says that won’t be the case.  I for one am excited for whatever it may be.