Why Is “Christian” Art Considered Subpar?

Every Wednesday evening I get together with a group of young adults aged 18-30 for a bible study.  All of the people within the group are believers albeit at different points in their walk with Christ.  I love the group and we really get into some good discussions about the bible and Jesus.  Tonight, a few people from the group (myself included) are going to a Gungor concert in Boise.  One of the guys in the group does not have a Facebook or any sort of social media which is how we all heard about the concert and posted the link to buy tickets.  So we were talking about it on Wednesday after the bible study and said there are still tickets if he wants to come.  He asked what type of music it was so he could decide if he wanted to come and a girl immediately said “they are a christian band”.  You could see all enthusiasm leave his face as he said “Oh…”.

And I understand where he is coming from!  I am only going to the Gungor concert because I have heard them and like their music.  If this was a concert for an unknown to me band that somebody described as a “christian band” I probably wouldn’t want to go either.

Now this guy is a christian, a believer in Jesus Christ, who just spent the past 2 hours voluntarily coming to a bible study but when asked if he wanted to see a “christian band” he had no interest.  A few year back the lead singer of the band, Michael Gungor, made a blog post on the band’s website titled “Why the Christian Category Shouldn’t Exist” but has since been deleted due to a lot of controversy it caused.  In the article, Michael Gungor argued that the christian music label was “discriminatory” and “offensive”.  He also took offense with the fact that artists like Bono have some songs with lyrics that are straight from the bible yet nobody labels U2 as a christian band.  He even recently wrote another blog post about the backlash he still gets from the original post and tried to clear some things up.  Some similar things happened recently when a lot of people wanted to know if Mumford & Sons were a christian band.  Marcus Mumford said he did not want that label on their music but no doubt has biblical and christian themes within their music.

And it’s not just music.  Currently there are three christian/biblical movies in the theater; Son of God, God’s Not Dead and Noah.  Of those three I only have a desire to see one and it is the one that is getting the most controversy and comments like “it’s not biblical”.  Son of God and God’s Not Dead are clearly created for people who are already christian yet I have absolutely no desire to see them for various reasons, one of which is that they just look cheesy and low quality.  And in my opinion, this is a typical problem with christian art.

What are your thoughts of christian music and movies?


My Favorite Albums of 2013

I know that 2013 isn’t quite over yet and with still a fourth of the year left people may think that I am jumping the gun in posting something like this.  From all the albums that are announced to be released in the next two and a half months I feel safe in making these picks.  With that being said, I do reserve the option to add to this list in the future.  No matter what comes out in the next few weeks it will not take away from these albums.

These albums are in no particular order and I am including my favorite track from each album.

Pure Heroine by Lorde

This sixteen year old exploded onto the music scene and I could not be happier.  I have been listening to this album nonstop since it was released.

Paradise Valley by John Mayer

I have been a huge John Mayer fan for years.  I still think that Continuum is his best album and my favorite (aside from his live album Where The Light Is) but Paradise Valley is a very good album!

Yeezus by Kanye West

Kanye West is my favorite rapper.  I’m not quite sure what about his music is my favorite, I just know that he is.  Despite him being an idiot in public sometimes it doesn’t affect the fact that I can’t help but love his music.  Obviously, there are explicit lyrics in this song so be cautious.

I Am Mountain by Gungor

It seems funny to have this album listed immediately after the last one but its just the way it worked out.  

The 20/20 Experience pt. 1 by Justin Timberlake

The much awaited comeback by JT was nothing short of amazing.