Find The Bagel

I love bagels.  Ever since I had my first cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera Bread I was hooked.  They have become my favorite breakfast food of all time.  I eat them and almost all of my days off and the only reason I don’t eat them on days I work is because I love sleep more than bagels.  You need to know how much I love bagels to understand this post.



Sunday night during youth group my wife had the kids go around and give their high moment and low moment from the week.  At first nobody wanted to talk and one of the kids asked me to go first.  I was caught off guard by this because I should’ve been at the end of the circle.  After a quick moment of thinking I decided that my high moment of the week was that I found a bagel in the fridge that I forgot I bough and was able to have a bagel for breakfast the other day.  They all looked at me like “THAT was your high moment”?  I’m sure I had a better moment but thats the first thing I thought of.

But as we went down the line some kids still couldn’t think of something.  I finally shouted out with the energy of a self-help guru that they need to “find the bagel of their week”!  It quickly became a phrase that we were shouting out stupidly but also as a way to encourage people to find the positive thing in their week no matter how stupid it may seem compared to someone else’s high moment.

So I challenge you to find the bagel in your week this week.  I also encourage you to go to Panera Bread and eat a cinnamon crunch bagel for me because I live in Idaho and they don’t have Panera Bread.  Thats the low point of my week.