Worship Through Song

Last night I went to the Winter Jam 2013 concert with my youth group.  This is the third one that I’ve gone to with them since taking the job and I have to say that I was the least excited to go last night.  For starters, I’m not a huge Christian music guy.  I like Hillsong United and things like that, but not really the pop and rock Christian groups that are out there.  You may say that is wrong or I just haven’t heard the right stuff or whatever, but its just the way it is.  But at least the last two times there were people that I deemed semi-bearable to sit through.  This time I was really not looking forward to anybody.

With the headliner being the Newsboys (who I had assumed broke up long ago) and a spot from Thousand Foot Krutch I felt as if I was stepping into a time machine.  Those bands were ‘popular’ when I was in junior high.  How is it that they are still big enough to headline something like this? There were other bands that I thought I’d never heard of like Tenth Avenue North and Building 429 and a girl named Plumb so it goes without saying I thought I’d be pretty bored.  And as I’ve written before the music at these types of things can sometimes be pretty cheesy (I’m looking at you Newsong).

But every time I go to one of these things one band always changes my mind halfway through the night.  This time it was David Crowder.  Yes, I forgot he was going to be there until him and his Duck Dynasty looking crew walked on stage.  At this point I became somewhat engaged.  For starters, he was more in line with my style of music by giving the show a little Mumform & Sons feel.  But he lead the room in a smaller acoustic set of worship songs and hymns.  I was able to close my eyes and just sing praise to the God of creation.  And it was amazing to hear 10,000 other people doing the same.  That kind of stuff always gets me.

And then the Newsboys came out and did this:

I have to admit that was pretty cool.


Compassion International Blog Month

The month of September is Compassion International’s Blog Month.  Who is Compassion?  What is blog month?  Perhaps this video can explain:

My college roommate and I sponsor a child together through Compassion and I personally think it is a great organization doing great things.  I remember reading somewhere a study & comparison of Compassion and similar organizations and it basically concluded that Compassion has a greater impact on lives.  I could not find that right now no matter what magic phrase I type into Google.  I did however find this researchbut some may say its biased since Compassion put it on.

Anyways, during the month of September I will be posting on here a few different times with topics that I get from Compassion.  I have no idea what they will be but I am looking forward to it.  The ultimate goal of this is to help spread the word and to get others to sponsor children through them so I would ask that if you see a post that you like to share it.  Tweet it.  Post it on Facebook.  Pin a link to it.  You can help make a big difference!