If you are a church going person then you may have been reminded that today is the start of week 3 of the Advent season. If you are unfamiliar with the christian liturgical year, there may be some confusion surrounding the meaning of the Advent season. A quick overview: many know that the Advent season focuses on expectation and think that it serves as an anticipation of Christ’s birth in the season leading up to Christmas.  The candles that you light focus on one of the four virtues Jesus brings us: Hope, Love, Joy and Peace. This is the start of the 3rd week and you would light the 3rd candle representing joy.

One of my favorite bands is Page CXVI. My wife introduced me to them when we were dating. The band mainly focuses on “re-tuning” hymns. Instead of playing them with an old pipe organ, they use a more modern musical arrangement and even sometimes change the melody or musical arrangement. I would highly encourage you to check them out. But one song that they do always kind of confused me.
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Favorite Songs of 2015

I just felt like doing a quick favorites list as the year is coming to an end. I didn’t read many books this year (maybe 5?) and I’m not sure I could narrow down a movie list so I decided to go with some of my favorite songs of 2015. This list is in no particular order. Maybe I’ll introduce you to some songs you haven’t heard yet!

You Matter To Me – Sara Bareilles feat. Jason Mraz
If you are only going to listen to one of the songs on this list, make this the one.

Sorry – Justin Bieber

Water Under the Bridge – Adele

We Will Feast In The House of Zion – Sandra McCracken

Lean On – Major Lazer & DJ Snake feat. MØ

Downtown – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
This is the best music video on the list.

Trap Queen – Fetty Wap

Cold Arms – Mumford & Sons
There is not a single version of this song on YouTube.

Thats it. Those are my favorite songs from 2015. All of those albums are good too so if you like a certain song go check out the entire album. What are some of your favorite songs from 2015?


The Fig Tree

I haven’t posted anything on here in about 7 months because I forgot my password. I used to have it set up so I was automatically logged in and somehow I got logged out and then I couldn’t remember my login or password. But I’m back, baby!

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