Surge Is Back!

Surge is back!

Surge was sold on the shelves from 1997-2001 which would have made me 8-12 years old.  So why I certainly remember Surge and do remember drinking it, I honestly don’t remember what it tastes like.  I can’t imagine its flavor and just have to trust the many comparisons to Mtn. Dew (which I don’t really like) as a reference point.  But I remember I liked it as a kid.

So today, seemingly out of nowhere, when Coca-Cola announced that it was bringing back Surge exclusively though Amazon I just had to order some!  And apparently so did everyone else because I tried three times and Amazon said it was “sold out” before I could finally get an order in.

There are plenty of other food and drinks that I would rather see brought back.  Oreo-O’s cereal, Vault soda, Dunkaroos (although you can still buy them in other countries) and Pepsi Blue would be my preferred choices of items to return to shelves, but maybe if Surge does well then other companies will bring back their nostalgic products.

What about you?  What product do you wish would come back to shelves?

– Jacob

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