My Recent Recommendations

I’ve eaten, listened and watched to a lot of great things this week!  I’m not saying you should like these things just because I do, but if you don’t like these things… what is wrong with you?!


You may remember this Coca-Cola brand soft drink back from 1997-2001.  It was Coke’s rival to Mountain Dew but went out of production after poor sales.  Well they recently brought it back to be sold exclusively on Amazon thanks to an online campaign to bring it back.  I bought some last week and it arrived this morning.  I had some with my lunch and it instantly took me back to 1997.  Be wary of buying it online.  It keeps going out of stock quickly and then people are trying to sell it for like $100.  When it is in stock it should only cost you around $12.

The Fox, The Hunter and Hello Saferide by Hello Saferide

I found this album on Spotify and have been listening to it pretty much nonstop for the last few days.  I am in love with her voice and with her style of music.  Her voice kind of sounds like some songs in the movie “Juno” but after doing some research that doesn’t seem to be the case.  I only say that so maybe you can kind of get an idea of what she sounds like.  Just go listen to this album, it’s amazing!

The Bridge

This is a documentary I watched for my work.  It is about the Golden Gate Bridge in California and how it is the most popular site in the world (although a quick internet search says its #2) for people to commit suicide.  Very interesting.

Disclaimer: This documentary shows real footage of real people really committing suicide.  Do not watch if that will make you uncomfortable.

The Rockafire Explosion

This is a documentary I watched for “fun”.  I heard about it from my favorite daily YouTube video, SourcefedNerd’s TableTalk.  It is a documentary about the company before Chuck E. Cheese that basically created the animatronic characters and when they merged with Chuck E. Cheese these characters were “lost”.  It features die-hard fans who are very upset with Chuck E. Cheese and with it never happened.  These people are WEIRD.  SO WEIRD.  Like, one guy is recreating the animatronic band in his garage so he can have it back in his life.

NBC’s Parenthood

This is one of my favorite shows on TV right now and it comes back for its final season tonight on NBC.  I would recommend watching the entire series if you haven’t.  Great show.

What about you?  What are things that you’ve recently eaten, listening to or watched that you think others should know about?

– Jacob

Maze Runner Review (book)

I read and finished the book “The Maze Runner” last week.  I read it because the movie is coming out soon and my sister kept posting things about the movie saying how awesome it is going to be.  I think she also meant how “hot” the main character is, but whatever.  I still decided to read it.

Overall, the book was pretty good.  It has suspense, action and some mystery.  It obviously falls in line with a lot of the other movies that are being made right now which means that it is set in the future and deals with some dystopian themes.

After finishing the book I immediately pulled up the trailer on YouTube to watch it and see how it looks.  To my disappointment, although I should have expected it, the movie looks very different.  You can really tell they are changing many things for the movie.  The 3 things that I can tell are different from the trailer don’t seem to be horribly different, but that doesn’t bode well for the rest of the movie.  I’m going to see the movie on Friday (if my wife finishes the book) and then I’ll write a post comparing the book to the movie.

Overall I’d give the book a 6/10 so its a decent read if you have free time.  It goes by pretty quick.  I’m not sure if I’ll read the other books in the series because many reviews say they get worse and worse as the series goes on.

What are your thoughts on The Maze Runner?  Have you read it?  Do you plan on seeing the movie?

– Jacob

Surge Is Back!

Surge is back!

Surge was sold on the shelves from 1997-2001 which would have made me 8-12 years old.  So why I certainly remember Surge and do remember drinking it, I honestly don’t remember what it tastes like.  I can’t imagine its flavor and just have to trust the many comparisons to Mtn. Dew (which I don’t really like) as a reference point.  But I remember I liked it as a kid.

So today, seemingly out of nowhere, when Coca-Cola announced that it was bringing back Surge exclusively though Amazon I just had to order some!  And apparently so did everyone else because I tried three times and Amazon said it was “sold out” before I could finally get an order in.

There are plenty of other food and drinks that I would rather see brought back.  Oreo-O’s cereal, Vault soda, Dunkaroos (although you can still buy them in other countries) and Pepsi Blue would be my preferred choices of items to return to shelves, but maybe if Surge does well then other companies will bring back their nostalgic products.

What about you?  What product do you wish would come back to shelves?

– Jacob

September 11th

Today is 13 years after September 11th, 2001.  Here is a picture of me and my family in New York a few months before the attacks in New York.  I was in 6th grade when it happened and I was home from school sick that day watching The Powerpuff Girls when my mom ran in and changed the channel to the attacks.


Cherish every day you have.

– Jacob


Sorry for my lack of posts recently. Most of you probably don’t care because most of you probably don’t exist (I’m not sure how many people read this). Since Saturday I’ve been in the process of moving to a new apartment. I finally finished yesterday morning but there was a “mix up” with out internet provider and it looks like we won’t have internet at our apartment for another week. I put mix up in quotes because it really is a case of someone there being a real idiot and not an actual mix up.

I do have some things I want to post in the coming days. A review of The Maze Runner book, some new favorite songs, my thoughts on the Ray Rice scandal (maybe) and pictures of the new apartment but all of these things will likely have to wait until next week when I get internet.

I want to take this time to remind myself in the future to not move unless I absolutely have to. My wife and I moved this time “just because”. We wanted a new place. But moving sucks. It’s horrible. I want to stay at this place unless we absolutely have to move for space reasons or job reasons.

– Jacob


Welcome to September (a few days late)!

It’s the start of the best time of the year.  The “best time of the year” is really October through December, but the weather has been so great here lately and I’ve had my AC off and just my windows open for about a week that I feel like I have to include September now.

In your opinion, what is the “best time of the year”?

– Jacob