Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

Today’s daily prompt asks:

“If you could clone one element from another city you’ve visited — a building, a cultural institution, a common street food, etc. — and bring it back to your own hometown, what would it be?”

I am stealing this answer from a blog I read on the same topic.  I thought they had an awesome answer and it is one that I would like to steal.

I grew up near Houston, TX and there are some amazing thunderstorms there.  Lots of rain, amazing lightning and loud booming thunder. Sometimes these storms can last for more than one day.  Add in hurricane season which is a very scary time for many people, and rightfully so when you think of things like Katrina, but it also provides an amazing few months of awesome storms.  I absolutely loved it!  I just love rain storms!

Now I live in Boise, ID and it doesn’t rain here at all.  If it does, its a very light sprinkle for maybe an hour and then its sunny again.  I’ve never heard booming thunder or seen any amazing lightning in my two years of living here and I hate it.  I love the area and I enjoy being here but I wish it would rain!  Give me an amazing storm!  I miss it so much.  These people don’t know what they are missing.

So if I could bring any element from another location to where I live now I would choose to bring the south Texas rainstorms to Boise, ID.

– Jacob

3 thoughts on “Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

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