My Compassion International Sponsorship Story

Back before my junior year of college my room mate texted me with the idea of sponsoring a child through Compassion International.  I thought it was a great idea!  When we got to school in the fall we quickly signed up and picked a kid based on what we thought was a cool name.  Through praying for him, writing him letters and receiving letters back from him my life has been changed as I constantly think about this boy I’ve never met who lives halfway across the world in a totally different lifestyle than me.

Compassion International has set up this website for the next month which encourages people to share their story of how they got involved sponsoring someone with the hope that new people would feel encouraged to sponsor a child.  Through my page you are provided to sponsor a child named Aziz who lives in the same country as my child.  Give it a look.  Pray about it.  Share it.  You could make a difference in someone’s life and I guarantee it will make a difference in yours.