March Madness

I’m not super into sports, but for some reason I absolutely love March Madness!  I love filling out brackets (this year I made 5), I love how you can watch all the games for free online or on a tablet (NBA should consider this) and I love the crazy upsets!

Like everyone in the nation except for this guy, none of my 5 brackets are perfect.  But in one of my bracket pools, one with a potential prize of $30 worth of gift cards, I am doing fairly well.  I picked Mercer to beat Duke.  I picked Harvard to beat Cincinnati.  I also picked SFA to beat VCU.  And that SFA game got me the most excited I’ve ever been at a sporting event.  Basically, I was at the point with one other person in my bracket that if SFA won then I’d take a dominant lead and if they lost I would go down in the ranks and it would be hard to come back from it.

The game started of good and SFA went into the half with a 6 point lead.  I was feeling good!  Then during the second half they just could not get it together.  I was actually getting upset!  I saw my bracket going to shambles and the prize slipping from my grasp.  Then, when VCU fouled SFA on a buzzer beater 3 point shot AND THEY MADE IT I JUMPED OUT OF MY SEAT!  I could not believe it!  It was so exciting!  Then they ended up winning in OT and I was screaming!  I have never felt this way about a sporting event in my life.  It was crazy!  It was madness!  March Madness!


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