I Believe

Today is day 15 of my attempt to read through the bible in 90 days.  This past week was particularly rough as the reading took me through the books of Leviticus, Numbers and the majority of Deuteronomy.  If you are unfamiliar with the bible those books are fairly boring.  They consist of a lot of laws, counting people and walking through a desert.  But I made it!

Another thing that I’ve dealt with while reading these past two weeks is a lot of questioning.  There are certain events or things that happen where I am constantly wondering “why would God do that” or “that doesn’t seem fair”.  My friend sent me this affirmation of faith from a church service he recently attended that kind of addresses believing despite doubts and questions that was written by Bruce Prewer.

I Believe
In spite of many unanswered questions, I believe.
I believe in the living God, the joy of the universe,
  who is the pulse and purpose of all things seen and unseen,
  who from the dust of earth calls up living beings to be children of eternity,
  who through countless ages has provided for us many liberators
  and tirelessly seeks to bring victory out of defeat and life out of decay.
I believe in Jesus the Christ, God’s true Son,
  who is bone of our bone and flesh of our flesh,
  who took upon himself the healing of the human race,
  who bearing the burden of our sins went to Golgotha carrying his cross,
  who was betrayed, crucified, dead and buried in a borrowed tomb,
  who on the third day was found to be gloriously alive,
  meeting with those who trust him and serve him to the end of the world.
I believe in the Holy Spirit of God,
  within and among all who cherish Christ and his way,
  who brings hope out of despair, love out of apathy, and joy out of sorrow,
  who unceasingly regenerates and reforms the church
  that it may always be the contemporary body of the risen Christ,
  loving the world through prayer, word and deed.
I believe that even I am caught up in the resurgent life of Christ Jesus,
  and that nothing in life or death can separate me from his love and joy.
In spite of unanswered questions, yes I believe.

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