The Bible in 90 Days

Yesterday I started a new challenge.  I am attempting to read through the entire bible in 90 days.  I use the word challenge because it will be quite a big task to stay on top of.  It breaks down to 16 chapters a day and would probably average about an hour of reading a day.  I definitely have the time in my day to do so its just a matter of actually using that time for this instead of something like watching TV or playing games on my iPad.

I honestly don’t think I’ve read the entire bible which is one main reason I’m doing this.  I can think of at least two books in the bible right now (Habukkuk & Titus) that I don’t think I’ve ever read before.  I hope that doing this every day will help my biblical knowledge and my relationship with God.

You can learn more about this specific bible reading plan here.


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