Thor: Still My Favorite Avenger



Yesterday was the release of Thor 2, Marvel’s second movie in it’s Phase 2 of MCU movies, and I absolutely loved it! I admit that I did not see the original Thor in theaters.  I really had no desires to watch it all because I knew little of Thor and the trailer did not interest me, but once I heard of the plans to combine all the movies into an Avengers film I decided to rent Thor from Redbox one night and I absolutely love it!  Thor was easily my favorite of the original Marvel movies (Iron Man, Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America)  I loved the characters, the fantasy worlds and the bad guy was by far the best of all the Marvel movies.

And with Thor 2 all that stuff was back!  The amazing scenery of the other 9 realms looks amazing.  The space shots are awesome!  There is one scene where we get to see what it looks like as Thor is beaming from Earth to Asgard and it is so cool!  Plus, we get the great characters.  I absolutely love Kat Dennings’ character in the Thor movies.  Her show on CBS, Two Broke Girls, is horrible but her character in the Thor movies is hilarious.  And of course we have Loki.



By far the best villain (thus far) in the Marvel movies.  None of the bad guys in any of the Iron Man or Captain America movies can compare to Loki.  He is just a great character and we get to see a lot of him in Thor 2.  

I would recommend seeing it.


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