5 Reasons There Should Be A Moon University

When I was in college I once got into a debate with my friends over whether or not a college would ever exist on our moon.  I was a believer that it would happen.  Not only do I think it will happen, I went as far as to say that my grandchildren (roughly 40-50 years away) would have the opportunity to enroll there.  Here are five reasons that a Moon University would be a great idea.

5. A very specialized space degree

A college degree is a necessity for anyone looking to become an astronaut for NASA.  What better place for an astronaut to go to school than in space?!  Not only would they get used to being in space and space travel (you gotta go home for holidays and summer) but you could take more specialized classes on space walking and repairing things out in orbit.

4. College is about new experiences

College is all about new experiences.  I believe that going away for college, even if just an hour from home, is an important experience for everyone.  But when you really get down to it, most places are all the same.  All college towns have similarities and can blend together.  Going to the moon would truly be a new experience for anybody!

3. College football… IN SPACE!

Imagine turning on your TV on Saturday to find that your favorite team is playing Moon U in space!  How exciting would that be?!  Zero gravity would certainly change the game.  Whether or not that change would be for the better is yet to be seen.

2. The view

No other college on the planet could even come close to having such an amazing view.  You could look out your dorm room window and see the beauty of the entire Earth.  It would be absolutely breathtaking!

1. The name Moon U

The name.  I admit, this is the one thing that got me thinking about all of this in the first place.  I would buy a shirt even if nobody I knew attended.  The opportunity to say “Moon U” and have it sound like “moon you” and then following with the act of actually mooning somebody is priceless.  I’m sure many students would make banners like this for sporting events and we’d see lots of blurred butts on ESPN and mooning people would become a standing tradition of this fine university.


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