My Favorite Albums of 2013

I know that 2013 isn’t quite over yet and with still a fourth of the year left people may think that I am jumping the gun in posting something like this.  From all the albums that are announced to be released in the next two and a half months I feel safe in making these picks.  With that being said, I do reserve the option to add to this list in the future.  No matter what comes out in the next few weeks it will not take away from these albums.

These albums are in no particular order and I am including my favorite track from each album.

Pure Heroine by Lorde

This sixteen year old exploded onto the music scene and I could not be happier.  I have been listening to this album nonstop since it was released.

Paradise Valley by John Mayer

I have been a huge John Mayer fan for years.  I still think that Continuum is his best album and my favorite (aside from his live album Where The Light Is) but Paradise Valley is a very good album!

Yeezus by Kanye West

Kanye West is my favorite rapper.  I’m not quite sure what about his music is my favorite, I just know that he is.  Despite him being an idiot in public sometimes it doesn’t affect the fact that I can’t help but love his music.  Obviously, there are explicit lyrics in this song so be cautious.

I Am Mountain by Gungor

It seems funny to have this album listed immediately after the last one but its just the way it worked out.  

The 20/20 Experience pt. 1 by Justin Timberlake

The much awaited comeback by JT was nothing short of amazing.



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