Arcade Fire’s Awesomely Weird 30 Minute Concert

Last night was the debut of the new season of SNL hosted by Tina Fey and musical guest Arcade Fire.  I love SNL and think they can do no wrong so I was super excited!  It’ll take me some time to get used to the new cast members and the gaping hole that Bill Hader has left on the show, but overall I think it’ll be great!  I loved all the Aaron Paul cameo’s last night and the return of Drunk Uncle!

I’m not a fan of Arcade Fire.  I have heard of them before but their music never really grabbed a hold of me.  Both times they played during SNL I “watched” but used that time to go to the kitchen and get a snack.  I did like when the girl went into a glass case of emotion while singing the first song though.  But after SNL, somehow Arcade Fire was able to score a 30 minute concert that aired on NBC.  What followed was one of the most amazing things I’ve seen on TV this year (not counting Breaking Bad).  If you have 30 minutes I encourage you to watch it.

With lots of weird costumes, celebrity cameos, fake movie trailers and Bill Hader skyping in from space you are sure to be entertained even you don’t like the music of Arcade Fire.  I kind of hope this becomes a regular thing for the SNL musical guests. I’d really be interested in seeing Miley Cyrus do this next week.


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