I’m not a shoe guy.  I recently bought a new pair of Vans despite my wife telling me it wasn’t a wise decision because I’ll hardly wear them.  I think I’ve worn them maybe 4 times in a few months.  Sigh… she was right.

I just don’t really like shoes.  And I don’t like socks either.  I just don’t like the feeling.  I prefer to be barefoot or wearing flip flops.  When I went to moved away from southern Texas to attend college in Kansas I tried to go through the winter in flip flops still out of some weird determination to not wear shoes.  I eventually caved but would still only wear cheap $10 shoes from Wal-Mart and I would of course wear them without socks.  But when I saw this picture it really hit me.


A lot of people in this world need shoes and don’t have them.  Thats why companies like TOMS and Soles4Souls exist and continue to succeed because the need is so vast.  Now you may have differing thoughts and opinions on these companies, I know not everyone thinks they do good for the people they try to help, but I’m not trying to promote those organizations in this post.

Look at the shoes in the picture above.  They are beyond worn out.  I can honestly say I’ve never worn a pair of shoes to that state before.  I used to have a job at a fast food type place on my college’s campus where I had to wear closed toes shoes.  I would get fryer grease and milkshake splatter on them each week and after a few months of wearing them through all that nastiness with the added grossness of wearing them with no socks (yeah, I know) I would throw them away and get new ones.  I wouldn’t even think twice about it.  They were expendable to me.  But I would bet the person above does not have the same mindset.  I would bet those are their only pair of shoes.  They will hold on to them and cherish them as long as they can.

We can’t see the face of the person in that picture.  It could be a number of kids from across the world.  It could the child I sponsor through Compassion, Pascal.  I do not know if he has shoes to wear everyday.  It’s a possibility that he does not.  It could be someone from his town.  It could be someone waiting on the Compassion website right now waiting to be sponsored.  But whoever it is I bet that they are more thankful for those shoes than I am for a lot of things I take for granted each day, including my own shoes.


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