I hate change.


Ever since I’ve been old enough to save money I have really hated change.  There is no way to keep it in a wallet, it clutters and weighs down your pants pockets and I’ve never been much of a piggy bank guy.  In high school and college I used to just drop my change in the parking lot as I walked back to my car from whatever store I may have been coming out of.  Sometimes I would be with friends who would scream “bro, what are you doing” and pick it up for themselves, but I just never saw a value in it.  Except quarters, I always keep quarters.

Recently though I’ve begun to see the benefits of change.  I’ve watched my sister stop and pick up every single penny she sees and collect it for a year and was surprised how much money she has now.  I recently took some change to Coinstar and was surprised that it was about $10 more than I expected.  Slowly but surely change can add up.

I love change


This time of the year is by far my favorite time of the year.  The first day of fall up until Christmas day is the absolute best!  There is simply no debating that.  The leaves on the trees begin to change colors and make for a beautiful sight each and every day.  The weather begins to change and the cooler weather means you’ll be changing your wardrobe along with it.  Maybe most importantly, the Starbucks menu changes into arguably the most popular menu in the world with pumpkin spice lattes and salted caramel mochas.

It’s just a great time of year and the changes are wonderful!

We can make a change


 Making a difference, making an impact, changing the world – these seem like daunting statements.  And they really are if you think you have to do it all yourself.  But making a change in the world isn’t something that happens overnight.  Just like you have to slowly collect change to get $20 at the Coinstar or how it takes weeks/months for the trees to change colors and the weather to cool off it takes small steps to make a big change in the world.  Don’t be discouraged because you won’t be the one to solve world hunger or the one who can donate thousands to end poverty.  Just do what you can.

Talk to a friend who is having a rough time, spend time volunteering, sponsor a child through Compassion or help your family out at home.  Just do what you can. 

How are you going to make a change?


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