Compassion International Blog Month

The month of September is Compassion International’s Blog Month.  Who is Compassion?  What is blog month?  Perhaps this video can explain:

My college roommate and I sponsor a child together through Compassion and I personally think it is a great organization doing great things.  I remember reading somewhere a study & comparison of Compassion and similar organizations and it basically concluded that Compassion has a greater impact on lives.  I could not find that right now no matter what magic phrase I type into Google.  I did however find this researchbut some may say its biased since Compassion put it on.

Anyways, during the month of September I will be posting on here a few different times with topics that I get from Compassion.  I have no idea what they will be but I am looking forward to it.  The ultimate goal of this is to help spread the word and to get others to sponsor children through them so I would ask that if you see a post that you like to share it.  Tweet it.  Post it on Facebook.  Pin a link to it.  You can help make a big difference!


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