Society’s Double Standards: The N-word edition

I’m sure you are all aware of the Paula Deen incident that occurred earlier this summer.  It seems that it was all that was being talked about for a week or so.  “How could she do this”?  “It is so wrong to say that”!  And the aftermath that followed resulted in the Food Network to drop all of her shows, retail stores stopped carrying her products and put the rest of her stuff on massive clearance and everyone seemed to be trying to destroy her empire and her reputation.



And now, a lesser known story in the news, it is being reported that an NFL player for the Philadelphia Eagles named Riley Cooper was overheard using the n-word in a derogatory way at a Kenny Chesney concert and what happens to him?  A fine from the team and nothing else.  The NFL commissioner himself even said they won’t do anything more to him.  

Why is it that one person’s life being almost destroyed about some comments that, from what I understand, she made years ago and another person who said basically the same thing just this month is getting a fine and allowed to continue his career and life as if almost nothing happened?

What are your thoughts?  Was Paula Deen’s ‘punishment’ justified?  Should Riley Cooper get more consequences?

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