Live Everyday Like It’s Your Last

Yesterday I was reminded just how fragile life is and that we are not promised tomorrow.

I woke up and checked my Facebook while I was still half asleep in my bed.  This is part of my waking up ritual.  One of the first posts on my newsfeed was a friend asking for prayer for a girl whom I knew that was taken to the hospital after passing out and having a seizure.  No other details were given.  I offered up a quick prayer but went back to looking at the rest of pointless posts on Facebook (an act that I momentarily felt bad about later in the day).

I see these posts all the time.  “Pray for John as he goes to a job interview today” or “pray for my child she has a fever this morning”.  I’m not saying these are bad things to pray for or that they are not worthy but I guess I’m saying I have become desensitized to reading them on a daily basis and kind of shrug them off sometimes.

Two hours later I get a text saying that the girl passed away.  She was somewhere between 22-25 years old.  I met her while I spent a summer in California and she was so full of life.  She was excited about things and had a small business going where she sold things online.  She was a very sweet girl who had some heart problems since she was young and lost that battle two days ago.

Although I did not know her nearly that well, it really hit me.  She is the first person that I can remember that I really knew who has been my age that died and that death can happen just like that.

Live everyday like it’s your last.


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