Freebie Monday 6

The Starbucks that I went to yesterday did not have free apps for me to offer Freebie Monday (yes, I get these from Starbucks).  So I went to another this morning and got one for you all.


The song “Follow Your Arrow” by Kacey Musgraves.

The download code is: NHEMEJAMAFN9

Remember, only one person can download it!


Christians Reading Fiction

Relevant magazine recently published an article with an argument why Christians should read more fiction.  I have to say that I agree with the opinions in this article.  Far too often I hear from Christians that exclusively read Christian literature or even Christian fiction such as Lord of the Rings or the Narnia series.

We definitely benefit from Christian thinkers and books that sharpen our theology but you also benefit, in different ways, from just reading a made up story.  “In The Art of Fiction, John Gardner says fiction ‘helps us to know what we believe, reinforces those qualities that are noblest to us, leads us to feel uneasy about our faults and limitations'”.

For me, I try to balance it out by alternating every other book that I read between fiction and something theological.  This way I get a good balance of both and I don’t get burnt out on constantly reading theological things or get bored of constantly reading stories.

The last four books I read in order were:
Jesus Is ____ by Judah Smith
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle
The Politics of God & The Politics of Man by Jacques Ellul
1984 by George Orwell

The next two books I plan on reading:
Meditations by Marcus Aurelious
East of Eden by John Steinbeck

I challenge you to do the same.  If you are someone who only reads theological discussions and think you can’t get anything out of a fictional story then go pick one up and give it a try.  If you’ve never read anything theological that could challenge your thought process or make you rethink things then go to the book store today and try it out.


Live Everyday Like It’s Your Last

Yesterday I was reminded just how fragile life is and that we are not promised tomorrow.

I woke up and checked my Facebook while I was still half asleep in my bed.  This is part of my waking up ritual.  One of the first posts on my newsfeed was a friend asking for prayer for a girl whom I knew that was taken to the hospital after passing out and having a seizure.  No other details were given.  I offered up a quick prayer but went back to looking at the rest of pointless posts on Facebook (an act that I momentarily felt bad about later in the day).

I see these posts all the time.  “Pray for John as he goes to a job interview today” or “pray for my child she has a fever this morning”.  I’m not saying these are bad things to pray for or that they are not worthy but I guess I’m saying I have become desensitized to reading them on a daily basis and kind of shrug them off sometimes.

Two hours later I get a text saying that the girl passed away.  She was somewhere between 22-25 years old.  I met her while I spent a summer in California and she was so full of life.  She was excited about things and had a small business going where she sold things online.  She was a very sweet girl who had some heart problems since she was young and lost that battle two days ago.

Although I did not know her nearly that well, it really hit me.  She is the first person that I can remember that I really knew who has been my age that died and that death can happen just like that.

Live everyday like it’s your last.


Freebie Monday (Thursday) 4

So I was gone last week at camp in McCall, Idaho and returned this past Monday in the afternoon.  I immediately napped for 3+ hours and then lounged around on the couch watching Bear Grylls’ new reality show.  Since then I’ve been slowly catching up on sleep and going to work so I am getting to Freebie Mondays a little late.  I apologize.



This week’s free app is called Star Guide and will allow you to locate stars and constellations in the night sky.  Have fun!  The redemption code is:



Freebie Monday 3

Today’s Freebie Monday is a song called Open by a band named Rhye.


Open the App store on your iPod, iPhone or iPad.  Scroll to the bottom.  Click “redeem” and enter the code!

The redemption code is JYWLAAE3F7HP.

The first person to enter it will get it.  Good luck!