The Search for Nestle Tandem Ice Cream Bars

Last night I randomly had a vision of a long lost ice cream treat that I used to eat in my younger days.  My brother and I would eat them at our grandma’s house only because my parents said they were too expensive for us to buy and at nearly $5 for a box of four they may have been right.  Thank goodness for grandma.  Of course I am speaking of the Nestle Tandem bar.


The Tandem bar was half ice cream sandwich and half chocolate covered ice cream with bits of nut in the chocolate.  There never was a more glorious thing in the freezer.  You might be thinking “why couldn’t you just eat an ice cream sandwich and a chocolate covered ice cream popsicle at the same time” to which I would say you are so stupid.  The ice cream sandwich was far greater than any other ice cream sandwich!  The chocolate covered half seemed sweeter!  The ice cream was cookies and cream!

Sadly, I haven’t seen one in about 10 years.  I did some research last night and got conflicting reports.  Some people say that it was discontinued.  I found a memo from a Wawa store owner from 2010 telling his stores of items that were discontinued to phase out and the Tandem bar was one of them.  Some people claim to have seen them for individual sale at gas stations or places like that from time to time.  This website seems to say there are lots of them in North Carolina.  

Whatever the case, I’m looking for definite answers. If they are discontinued then let me know that with concrete evidence.  If they are out there somewhere then let me know where!  I need to eat a Tandem bar again!

I created the twitter account @NestleTandem to help me in my search.

Edit on May 2016: I have created a Facebook group to help the community grow and get us noticed. Please like it!


21 thoughts on “The Search for Nestle Tandem Ice Cream Bars

  1. Tammy

    We just got back from Cuba and they had them at the resort. First time we have ever seen them and we are craving them right now. Ha ha ha.

  2. Chelembound

    They have them at the drugstore in the tiny village of Chelem Mexico! No where else that we have found yet. Every time we visit we buy the store out! My husband and I are BIG FANS! If you find them in the states, let us know!

  3. Katrina Miller

    Are you still searching and posting? Would love to find them. Had one every night in Aguascalientes, México this time last year (at the (Oxxo). I just received verification that the Oxxo still has them! Let’s get them back to the states!

    1. I am still looking for them, but not actively. I have accepted that they are no longer available in America and I don’t travel out of the country a lot. We do need them back in America!

  4. Gwendolyn

    My mom just came from Mexico and she told me that my sister bought her an ice cream that was delicious, she couldn’t even describe it to me, but she loved it and didn’t want to stop eating it, I wanted to know the name of it so she asked my sister and she told her it’s Tandem!!!

  5. nei

    i haven’t had one in 10 years but this summer I’m going to mexico city and my number one priority is to find a tandem.

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