The Search for Nestle Tandem Ice Cream Bars

Last night I randomly had a vision of a long lost ice cream treat that I used to eat in my younger days.  My brother and I would eat them at our grandma’s house only because my parents said they were too expensive for us to buy and at nearly $5 for a box of four they may have been right.  Thank goodness for grandma.  Of course I am speaking of the Nestle Tandem bar.


The Tandem bar was half ice cream sandwich and half chocolate covered ice cream with bits of nut in the chocolate.  There never was a more glorious thing in the freezer.  You might be thinking “why couldn’t you just eat an ice cream sandwich and a chocolate covered ice cream popsicle at the same time” to which I would say you are so stupid.  The ice cream sandwich was far greater than any other ice cream sandwich!  The chocolate covered half seemed sweeter!  The ice cream was cookies and cream!

Sadly, I haven’t seen one in about 10 years.  I did some research last night and got conflicting reports.  Some people say that it was discontinued.  I found a memo from a Wawa store owner from 2010 telling his stores of items that were discontinued to phase out and the Tandem bar was one of them.  Some people claim to have seen them for individual sale at gas stations or places like that from time to time.  This website seems to say there are lots of them in North Carolina.  

Whatever the case, I’m looking for definite answers. If they are discontinued then let me know that with concrete evidence.  If they are out there somewhere then let me know where!  I need to eat a Tandem bar again!

I created the twitter account @NestleTandem to help me in my search.

Edit on May 2016: I have created a Facebook group to help the community grow and get us noticed. Please like it!


Freebie Mondays!

The 2nd Freebie Monday is here!  The app this week is a multiplayer game called Olo.


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Problems with Man of Steel?

Arguably the most anticipated summer movie came out last Friday.  “Man of Steel” is the start of DC’s hope to create a series of movies and lead up to a Justice League movie much like Marvel did with The Avengers.  I for one really enjoyed the movie but a lot of people had some major issues with it.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!  If you have not seen the movie then DO NOT read this post.


The movie is the origin story of Kal-El (Superman) and him kind of finding his place on Earth and deciding what he will stand for.  The main villain, General Zod, is one of the last remaining people from Krypton after it was destroyed and is determined to kill the people of Earth and turn it into a new Krypton so they can flourish once again.  Already a much better premise than the flop of a movie in 2006.  So what are so many people taking issue with?

In the end of the movie Superman kills General Zod.  In an epic battle of two seemingly invincible aliens where one wants to destroy Earth and one wants to save it, Superman snaps Zod’s neck.  Here is an article outlining much of the backlash.  

I for one did not think anything of it.  I didn’t walk out of the theater crushed.  But I also didn’t grow up reading Superman comics or watching much of him on TV.  I actually care more for Batman and readily identify him as more of the non-killing superhero (despite some older movie versions ignoring this fact).  So I didn’t mind that Superman did it.  And I think the filmmakers and everybody were trying to show that “he had to”.  Nothing would change Zod’s mind.  He was going to destroy Earth and the only one who could stop him was Superman.

I have a friend who really disagreed with it and said “Man of Steel 2 better contain some soul searching in which he swears to never do that again, giving real depth to that character trait” and I agree otherwise it was pointless to have him do that.

What do you think?  Was it wrong for Superman to kill Zod or just good storytelling?

Edit: Here is an article that my brother sent me after I posted this with reasons from the filmmakers why they chose this ending.


Freebie Mondays!

Every Monday I’m going to start offering a free book, app, song or TV show from the Apple store to the first person who views my blog that day and uses the access code.  Today’s freebie is Superman Action Comics #1!


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The Dumbest Song I’ve Heard In A Long Time

Take a second to listen to the new Miley Cyrus song.  Don’t just listen to the tune because it is pretty catchy, but actually pay attention to the lyrics.

So. Dumb.

Like I said, it is catchy.  I find myself singing “la da di da di we like to party” for the rest of the day if I hear this play on the radio.  I just can’t get it out of my head.  Congrats Miley!  But the rest of it is so stupid.  Here are some of my favorite stupid lyrics from the song:

“We run things, things don’t run we”

“To my homegirls here with the big butts, shaking it like we at a strip club”

“Can’t you see its we who ’bout that life”

Now I like Miley.  I used to watch Hannah Montana and I saw the movie.  I think she’s pretty cool.  I didn’t care when she cut her hair and bleached it really white.  I don’t care about her drug tabloid issues.  But this song is just so dumb.  I can’t forgive her for releasing this to the public.


“Not Today” Review & Response

The other day I went and saw the movie “Not Today” with my wife.  The movie was created by a Friends church in southern California in partnership with Friends Media and deals with the issue of sex trafficking in the world today.  Here is the trailer for the movie:

The film wasn’t totally what I expected.  I’ve never seen any of the other “christian movies” such as “Fireproof” or “Courageous” but I can only imagine they are on par with the cheesiness of this film.  “Not Today” has received a 50% on Rotten Tomatoes with reviews such as these:

“Vitally important theme unstrung by shaky direction, writing and acting and a major flaw in subtitling.”

“Well-intentioned, but slow, with no urgency and a lot of preaching.”

I will say, the subtitles were very weird.

Anyways, my wife and I were the only two people in the theater on a Saturday.  Granted, it was 1:40 in the afternoon (it was playing very limitedly for two days), but I still feel as if we were the only two people in Boise to see it this weekend.  Which is a shame because ultimately it was a movie to raise awareness that this tragedy still happens today and to spread the word of organizations such as Not For Sale and International Justice Mission.  You can learn more about those organizations by clicking on those links and possibly donating or finding out what more you can do to help free the 27 million people that are enslaved today.  Yeah, thats a real fact.