The Return of Relient K

I have been a fan of Relient K since their formation in 1998.  I own all their cd’s (physical copies of the first 5 before mp3’s/iPod) and saw them in concert at least 3 times when I was younger.  They were my favorite band as a kid!  To prove it, here is an embarrassing picture of me from high school in my green Relient K shirt which was undoubtedly the first band t-shirt I ever owned.


Now that we got that out of the way, I found out yesterday that Relient K is coming out with a new album called Collapsible Lung on July 2nd, 2013!  Here is the first single, Don’t Blink:

In the anticipation of the album coming out I have been listening to all their older stuff and getting back into the songs that I really loved by them.  Here is a list of my favorite song from each album.

Relient K (2000) – Hello McFly

The Anatomy of Tongue and Cheek (2001) – For the Moments I Feel Faint

Two Lefts Don’t Make A Right…but Three Do (2003) – Falling Out

Mmhmm (2004) – Be My Escape

Five Score and Seven Years Ago (2007) – Deathbed

Let It Snow Baby, Let It Reindeer (2007) – Sleigh Ride

Forget and Not Slow Down (2009) – Sahara

Is For Karaoke (2011) – Baby

There are many other great songs that you should check out to start getting prepared for their new album.  If you were already a fan you probably don’t need me to tell you to check out their new album but if you aren’t at least do it for your inner junior higher.


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