“Zero TV” Homes

I read an article on Yahoo! the other day about the rise of “Zero TV” homes and how it has broadcasters scared.  A zero TV home is exactly what it sounds like, a house that does not own a TV because they are tired of cable companies for different reasons or they just flat out do not watch television.

I have a TV but I do not have cable.  I have an antenna which gets me about 7 channels (I get NBC & ABC so that covers a majority of what I watch anyways) and anything else I watch on Hulu.  Duck Dynasty, New Girl and The Colbert Report are all online!  The only thing so far that I’ve wanted to watch and couldn’t was History Channel’s The Bible (get on that!).  I have no need to pay for cable.  Nor would I want to.  I already pay for internet through a cable provider and have had my fair share of problems with them on the internet alone.  I can only imagine that adding cable would make things worse.  I’m technically not a zero TV home since I use an antenna, but I count myself as one…or see myself getting there one day.

Also, with Apple TV and the rise of things like it such as Samsung’s Smart TV I just continue to think that I will never have conventional cable.  Just look at how cool this looks:

What do you think?  Are you living in a Zero TV home?  Do you see yourself going that way?


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