Missionaries in Rwanda

Back in the summer of 2010 I spent three weeks in Rwanda, Africa with a small team from my hometown church in Friendswood, TX.


That is a picture of our team on one of our last days there.  While we were there we were working alongside some Friends missionaries who live there; The Thomas’, The Carpenters and Molly Black (also on twitter).  We got to do a lot of different things ranging from building a concrete wall for people, touring the country and serving missionaries from all over Africa at a yearly missionary conference at Lake Kivu.

Last night, Brad and Chelsea spoke at my church.  They have been back in America since September 2012 to help raise support and to give birth to their daughter, Sarai Carpenter.  They play to head back to Rwanda for the next 3 years either mid March or early April.  They were just sharing some of the things they are doing in Rwanda and the plans they have for the next few years.  I really enjoyed it because I still remember that trip vividly.  I learned so much and the experiences that I had there were truly life changing.

I would encourage you to watch this short video about their work over there:

Remember, we are all missionaries doing God’s work.  Some of us live in Africa and some of us live in America, but the work we are doing is equally important.


One thought on “Missionaries in Rwanda

  1. samuel hagalo

    I really do appreciate you for the lords work you are doing in Rwanda. am evangelist from tanzania.i would encourage you to come to my nation and spread the gospel as well. we do need your fruits work in Tanzania. i welcoming you to Tanzania. i would like to hear from you soon.

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