What We Can Learn From Kai


If you aren’t very internet savvy then two things are for certain:

1) You won’t be reading this blog post.
2) You do not know who Kai is.

Kai, a hatchet wielding hitchhiker with no last name, has become a viral video sensation thanks to his interview with a Fresno, CA news team.  Kai was catching a ride with someone when that person said they “came to realize [he was] Jesus Christ” according to Kai and ran somebody over.  The driver then began attacking a lady who ran to help so Kai took out his hatchet and “smash, smash, smash[ed]” the guy in the head and saved the day.  Somehow a hatched wielding hitchhiker is the hero of this story.

But it is what he said in part of his interview that is inspiring and a message that many people need to hear.

“Before I say anything else, I want to say no matter what you’ve done, you deserve respect, even if you make mistakes. You’re lovable and it doesn’t matter your looks, skills, or age, or size or anything. You’re worthwhile—no one can take that away from you.” -Kai

I don’t know if Kai came to realize it, but he embodied Jesus Christ there for a second and helped spread that valuable message to literally millions of people who have watched his now viral interview.  We all have value.  We are all important.  We are all lovable.  Don’t ever forget it.

Now lets all sing along with Kai!


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