What I’m Currently Watching On TV

A lot of people argue that television is only filled with garbage these days and for the most part I agree even though I love a good chunk of that garbage.  But nonetheless, there are plenty of good shows out there and I just wanted to give a quick list of things I am watching on TV and my thoughts on them.


Downton Abbey – I have heard so much about Downton Abbey the past few months and honestly never thought that it would be something I’d be interested in.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!  I started season 1 on DVD last Thursday and got all the way caught up (halfway through season 3) by last night.  Thats a week and a day to watch 2.5 seasons.  And the episodes are an hour long.  I still am not quite sure what is keeping my attention.  I hate or am indifferent to about 70% of the characters and it really isn’t the type of show I’d watch, but for some reason I can’t get enough of it.  Now I have to wait for one episode each week and I honestly don’t know how I’m going to do it.

Community – NBC’s Community returned two nights ago for its fourth season after almost a year of back and forth drama surrounding its future.  I absolutely love this show but was a little unhappy with the season premier.  It felt a little different, which is to be expected with the original creator, some writers and one cast member leaving the show.  I will watch the season out of devotion and love for the show, but won’t be surprised if this is the last season even thought I’d love to see #SixSeasonsAndAMovie.

The Office – Speaking of watching a show out of devotion… I have been watching the final (thank God!) season of The Office mainly because I have seen all the seasons up to this point and I felt a sense of obligation to finish it out.  The last season is better than some previous ones, but still a far way away from seasons 1-4.  Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) has been missing for about the past 7 episodes and honestly I think they are better without him.  I loved him as a minor character but as the boss, he just doesn’t do it for me.  

The Bachelor – My weekly reality TV garbage.  I have to have it and this is the show i choose to fill that spot for the next couple of months.  If you aren’t watching there isn’t much I can say.  I want Lesley M. from Washington DC to get picked.

The New Girl – My room mate in college used to watch this show and I never really paid attention.  I thought it looked dumb and just never really gave it a chance.  Now, I love it and wait for it each week.  The cast is amazing and the show is hilarious each week!  Schmidt is my favorite character and I think that Max Greenfield deserves the Emmy he was nominated for the role.


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