February Montage!

I was inspired by a video somebody posted on Reddit at the start of the new year.  They created a video with 1 second from every single day in 2014.

I wasn’t quite as ambitious, maybe I’ll work my way there, but I did create a video where I filmed 4 seconds from every day in February 2015.  You can view that below.  And the link for the video that inspired me can be found in the description.

– Jacob

John Kellogg’s Corn Flake Shake!

Today is the birthday of John Kellogg, co-creator of corn flakes!  The man was also a doctor who had some… “weird”… practices.  One of those was being an advocate of yogurt enemas.  That is exactly what it sounds like.

Anyways!  Today I made a milkshake to celebrate his birthday!


– Jacob

Cracker Jack Shake!

On a February 19th, 1913, the first prize was put into a box of Cracker Jack thus changing the food forever! Today, I make a Cracker Jack milkshake to celebrate! What prize will I find inside?

I really enjoyed making this video AND the milkshake was delicious!  I hope you enjoy it and if you try it for yourself let me know what you thought of it.

– Jacob

Bros in Booths Getting Burritos

You may have heard of Jerry Seinfeld’s online show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  This is my poor rip-off version, Bros in Booths Getting Burritos. My friend Randall and I talk New Years runners, celebrity impressions and help celebrate a birthday!

Enjoy it.  Or don’t.

– Jacob